Flocl: Flickr Local


First time installation requires a bit of effort, but after that it's pretty straightforward.

Assuming you're in the directory where you unpacked the distribution, you can run it like this:

$ flocl/bin/updateflocl -c /share/flocl/.flocl.xml

That will:

  1. Update your flickr.xml file with the most recent information from Flickr.

  2. Build your local Flickr web.

  3. Backup your Flickr photographs.

In other words, it should chug along and build everything. If it doesn't, well, if you can't figure out what went wrong, let me know and I'll try to help.

Note that if you are willing to keep the flickr.xml and .flocl.xml files in your home directory (on Unix systems, anyway, I have no idea what would work on another platform), you can dispense with the -c option. The tools should look in your home directory by default.

Happy flocling!

Escaped Markup

Flickr stores escaped markup in comments and descriptions. Pure evil, but what can I do about it?

Flocl “unescapes” the markup and runs the results through TagSoup; that should fix any problems, but if bad things happen, fix your markup on Flickr.