Flocl: Flickr Local

Understanding .flocl.xml

The configuration file for Flocl is essentially a set of name/value pairs. For example:

<flocl xmlns="http://flocl.sourceforge.net/ns/config">

Each element contains a value used by the Flocl scripts:


The name of the XML file that contains information about your Flickr photographs.


The name of the directory where your local Flickr is installed.


The URI prefix needed to access your local Flickr. If you're going to access your local Flickr installation with file: URIs, this should be the same as the root value.

If you're going to use a local web server, this should be the the URI path prefix necessary to reach the root of your local Flickr.


Flocl displays this many “most recently updated” photographs on the home page.


Your primary email address, according to Flickr.

api_key, shared_secret, and auth_token

Your API key and associated authentication data.

All of the values are required.